Did you recently launch your business and feel like you are drowning in an extremely crowded and competitive market? Are struggling to keep your head above the water because there is a lot to do and no one is paying attention to you? Is money is going out faster than it is coming in and you are starting to doubt yourself?



  • The world is becoming more and more competitive and those who can strategically and innovatively differentiate themselves will survive and be seen. Do you ever wonder why others in your market seem to be known by almost everyone? It is because they possess an outstanding and authentic personal brands that everybody wants to be associated with! 

  • Have spent time and money on Facebook ads, networking and blogging but nothing has changed?

  • Can I ask you something – how personal are you, how authentic and relatable are you to those you want to work with? Now do you have a story about why you do what you do, what you stand for and who you are?

  • I learnt if I wanted people to remember me and my business I needed to give them something worthwhile to write and talk about or else I will remain invisible.

  • This is why I made a conscious decision to be authentic and invested in building my own brand centred around who I am and what I stand for (brand story).


  • One’s decision to work with you depends on whether they can trust you!

  • For many different reasons like not wanting to be seen as a show-off, fear of being judged and not wanting to look unprofessional many female business owners tend to find it difficult to write and share their story.

  • Yet finding, writing and sharing your brand story should be the first thing you do in your business if you want to succeed. Your brand story determines your marketing focus, your offers and your clients. Everything starts and ends with your brand story. 

  • Your business needs a story and a face today. The longer you don’t have a clear and compelling story for your business the longer your business is going to struggle to attract attention and clients. Even coca-cola has a story yet it’s not a person. 

  •  Without a story – there is connecting your potential client to your business hence you are lacking visibility and attention.


  • Every successful personal brand starts with their story because it will help you connect with your audience on a deeper and more meaningful level and trigger an emotional connection when you share something they resonate with. This will give them confidence to pick you over others who do similar work to you. Every purchase we make is an emotional decision.

  • You’ll give your audience a story to carry and share on your behalf.  You’ll attract more clients that resonate with you. This will increase the quality of your leads, your word of mouth referrals and give your audience something to remember you by. 

  • Sharing your story gives your potential clients an opportunity to trust you.


Available in-person or online.
CHF 300.-
  • During our 90 minutes DONE FOR YOU brand story session – we’ll find your story and write it.

  • We will strategically combine your personal journey and professional experience in an authentic and compelling manner so that you confidently attract more attention, become more visible and get more clients for your business.

  • You’ll walk away with:

  • One page (A4) professionally written compelling brand story that you can:
  • 1. use on your about me section of your website;
  • 2. use to request for speaking or training opportunities;
  • 3. send to journalists to request for an interview or feature.
  • 3 x strategies on how to leverage your brand story for more visibility.

  • Clarity on how to effectively market your business so your potential clients pay attention to you.
  • As a bonus, you’ll get one review of your story after our session.


Available in-person or online.
CHF 150.-
  • During our 60 minutes FIND your brand story session – I will help you find your brand story theme and focus.

  • I will guide you through a simple and effective step-by-step process on how you can write your story yourself.
  • You’ll learn how to strategically combine your personal journey and professional experience in an authentic and compelling manner so that you confidently attract more attention, become more visible and get more clients for your business.
  • You’ll walk away with:
  • Your brand story theme and focus.
  • 3 x strategies on how to leverage your brand story for more visibility.
  • Clarity on how to effectively market your business so your potential clients pay attention to you


The effect of your about page.
  • yildiz copy

  • wow Lisa, just wow! What an amazing story you have. I came across the Women’s Expo event just too late this year. I clicked through to the site and read your story. It instantly gives Women’s Expo Switzerland a face.

  • An unique face, one which I respect a lot already. Thank you for sharing, Lisa. It feels like I know you a bit already and I feel more connected to your business because of that.

  • I look forward to become part of your community and to be part of your event next year. You have really brought a smile to my face this Saturday evening. What an inspiring woman you are. Wishing you a beautiful weekend and hope to meet you in person one day.

  • Yildiz de Leeuw


Available in-person or online.
The effect of your story.
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  • The past two weeks have been incredible – so many great things happening at once that I don’t know where to start.

  • First, I managed to build a few connections with people by reaching out to them and sharing my brand story which Lisa Chuma helped me develop and write. As an introvert that’s quite an achievement for me!

  • Secondly, I’m collaborating on two(!) book projects, landed some more guest posts and just had a phone interview with a journalist from the Guardian all because they read my brand story and it resonated with them!

  • Thank you so much, Lisa!

  • Karin Raffa

Lisa Chuma

The story about my journey....
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  • I have the privilege of working with hundreds of female business owners every year. I realised one of the main reasons my first business failed is still a struggle for many. Many women struggle with confidently sharing their story. They lack the ability to combine their personal journey and experience.

  • When I was 23 I started an on-line magazine. I struggled to find readers. I struggled to secure advertisers. I struggled to build a sustainable business. This really left me and my business struggling… to the extent of selling it because I could not make any money from the business. The biggest reason I struggled so much was lack of visibility and authenticity. I feared to be judged and of sharing too much.  

  • This experience left me depression and as I recovered from my depression I vowed without a doubt that my next business I will be open. As I shared the story about my journey from Zimbabwe to Switzerland and my dream to build to make the Women’s Expo Switzerland the most impactful and enriching event for women in Switzerland, I began to connect with amazing women, women who share the same vision as me. 

  • This attracted the attention of many big publications within Switzerland through my “story” I managed to secure myself media features in over 60 newspapers, magazines and radio outlets in Switzerland. My “story” has allowed me to be a keynote speaker in many places including: 

  • Google, World Vision, Goldman Sachs, TEDx Women Zürich, St Gallen Universität, Cembra Money Bank , TEDx Women Lausanne, Professional Women’s Group Basel, ZHAW School of Management and Law and many more …. My largest audience so far had 750 women in attendance in October, 2016

  • All the speaking engagements, interviews and features I have had came from people unknown to me but who read my story on my “Founder” page and were inspired to contact me immediately.  So the need to be authentic and share your story is paramount if you want to increase your visibility, stand out and differentiate yourself. 


The effect of your about page.
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  • Hi Lisa,

  • As I found out too late I missed the Women’s Expo Switzerland. But I had a look into your website and find your story and your mission very interesting and inspiring. I had my own business (with partners) some time ago, so I understand what you are talking about.

  • When I read your story, I thought it would be good to get in contact.

  • Sabine


The effect of your story.
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  • Lisa, thank you for your great work. In no time you helped me find the “red” thread of my life. I found myself in your words, it is my story. It was relaxed and joyful while we worked.

  • I know my story will make a big difference because it is important that those who read my “about me” page really leave feeling like they already know me. Thank you very much, Lisa.

  • Ursina