At Switzerland’s only exhibition for women, we promise that you’ll find something new, meet new people and learn something new! 

The event provides a warm and supportive environment for women to meet and network, as well as to exchange knowledge and experiences. You’ll find that the friendly atmosphere is not only conducive to building new relationships but also allows everyone to enjoy a unique and enriching experience. 

Our exhibition offers plenty of one-day-only special offers! The workshops held throughout the day equip women with valuable knowledge that will help them to further develop their businesses and careers, allowing them to strategically and confidently push boundaries.

Who can benefit from Women’s Expo Switzerland?

Professional career women can:
– meet like-minded women and expand their network
– acquire new knowledge from our insightful workshops

– connect with organisations that are looking to recruit female talent

Established business owners can:
– exchange experiences and expertise with other business owners
– find collaboration partners and acquire new knowledge from our workshops
– discover new products and services to help them further develop their businesses

Women thinking of starting their own business can:
– gain new knowledge to help them further develop their ideas
– find new products and services to use in building their business
– find mentors and inspiration from already established business owners

Mothers thinking of returning to work after a career break can:
– acquire new knowledge that can help in job searches
– gain inspiration and build new relationships with other women
– discover and learn about career opportunities that suit their needs

We look forward to seeing you there!

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