Do you want more leads, customers and clients?
Do you have a business that offers products or services to women?

The Women’s Expo is the only exhibition in Switzerland that connects female business owners who provide products and services for women with women who are looking for new solutions for their professional and personal needs – under one roof.

We provide you with opportunities to:

1. promote your services and acquire new leads and clients.

2. present your products to increase your visibility and sales.

3. educate and inform others about who you are and what you do.

4. enable you to connect and build new relationships that can lead to strong collaborations.

5. help you to openly communicate and receive immediate feedback about your services or products so you can improve your offerings and use this insightful knowledge to strategically grow your business.

We are expecting 500 – 700 women to attend our event.

If you’ve never promoted your business face-to-face with your potential customers, the Expo is a great opportunity for you to do so by pushing your boundaries. You’ll see the impact and benefits that live events can bring to your business.

As a marketing platform, our mission is to help businesses easily acquire new prospects and customers, increase their visibility and find collaboration partners. At the same time, live face-to-face events such as this allow you to connect with your target audience in a way that no online platform can to give you a competitive advantage.

“I had prepared more than 500 brochures with business cards as give-aways. The stream of visitors and the interest was so high, that by 2.30 p.m. they had all gone. This is how many visitors I had made contact with. I then had to improvise with the material I took with me for the rest of the day as all my brochures and business card where finished.”

Angelika Schmahl-Vogt

Human Solutions Consulting

Who will you meet throughout the day?

Some 98 percent of our attendees are women, and 65 percent of them are aged between 24 and 44. They’re professional career women, established business owners, women thinking of starting their own businesses and mothers looking for new opportunities to return to work.

They’re ready to meet you and share their own experiences with like-minded women. They’re keen to discover the new products and services available to meet their professional and personal needs. They come to be inspired and acquire new knowledge. It’s very convenient to find all these opportunities available under one roof!

Every year our goal is to attract more attendees to our event! 


Our guests say they ‘find it valuable to meet + know the person behind the products or services they use and may want to use in the future’ and that we are a ‘cost effective way for them to source new products, professional services, and business solutions for their business, professional and personal needs under one roof.’

How we help you to succeed at our exhibitions

Unlike other exhibitions, the Women’s Expo Switzerland provides training—prior to the event—for our exhibitors as part of our exhibition package. This training session, which is in itself, is a great opportunity for you to network with other exhibitors, covers the following topics:

•• How to engage attendees.

•• How to prepare for the exhibition.

•• How to acquire leads at the exhibition.

•• How to turn new leads into long-term business relationships.

Your success is our success! We’re looking forward to working with you!

“I have participated in many big and small fairs. But no fair is like the Women’s Expo in Zurich. Short, intense, creative, precious, sexy. Compared to the major trade fairs, I could in that short time at the Women Expo sell more and make valuable contacts.”

Bea Loosli

Lady Planet GmbH