First staged in 2013, the Women’s Expo Switzerland has so far seen 860 businesses participating as exhibitors and over 10,000 women attending as visitors. This unique one-day event offers three elements: exhibition, workshops and networking.

We exist to equip women on how they can push boundaries in their careers and businesses.

Our exhibition promotes a variety of products and services for women who are actively seeking new solutions. The event is also designed to connect female business owners and professionals who can make valuable new contacts, as well as form some successful working relationships.

Additionally, you’ll acquire new strategies that can help you to strategically and confidently push out the boundaries from where you are at the moment.

The workshops, filled with high-quality content, are tailored to educate women on how they can best reach their potential in their career and business. Here, you can also learn how to use relationship building to further develop and grow your business or professional career.

Networking is an integral part of the Women’s Expo Switzerland. The event will offer you plenty of opportunities throughout the day to share experiences and exchange knowledge. It’s all about expanding your networks and building new relationships.

Visitors to the Expo are professional career women, established business owners as well as women thinking of starting their own businesses, and mothers considering a return to work after a career break.


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