Connecting thousands of women

to find new products and services for their professional and personal needs, acquire new knowledge and expand their network – all under one roof!

26 March 2017 | Messe Zurich, Hall 7 | 11.00 – 17.00









Promote your business in-person to an audience of over 2000 women who visit Women’s EXPO to find new products and services.

Through this direct and personal exchange you will generate new strong leads for your business, boost your visibility and meet collaboration partners.


Women’s EXPO offers women a platform to find new products and services for their professional and personal needs, acquire new knowledge and expand their network – all under one roof.

We connect you to like-minded women so you can share experiences and collaborate in the future.


Women’s EXPO is focused on connecting women and giving them a platform to be visible and stand out.

As a community, we believe our stories, experiences and backgrounds will inspire your readers. We would love for you to feature ‘our stories’ and what we do in your publication or on your TV or radio station.

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